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The Dakar Women’s Group (DWG) is open to all women living in Dakar and speaking a minimum of English.

Dakar Women’s Group has the pleasure to inform you that the Christmas Bazaar will be held on Sunday, 19 November, at the Centre Aminata Mbaye in Grand Yoff.

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This year, the Dakar Women’s Group celebrates 30 years of raising funds for charity.

By joining us you will be help to support Senegalese organizations, including schools, medical services providers, and women and children’s associations. Did you know that the DWG provides on average around 20 million FCFA each year in charity support?

We pride ourselves on the many cultures that find a home in DWG – we have members from more than 50 countries, including our home country Senegal.

École Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy, who received funding this past year (2016/2017) in order to rebuild and refurbish their school.

École Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy, who received funding this past year (2016/2017) in order to rebuild and refurbish their school.

Applications for our 2017/2018 charitable grants are now open.

Find out if your organisation is eligible for our support. 2017-2018 eligibility requirements for funding  (en français).

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La campagne de financement 2017-2018 est ouverte ; en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous vous pourrez accéder au dossier de demande de financement.
2017-2018 eligibility requirements for funding 

Formulaire de demand de financement >> Charity application form 2017

Vérifiez que votre organisation est admissible au financement 2017-2018 eligibility requirements for funding

Pour toute demande de financement de projet, merci de cliquer sur le lien suivant et de télécharger le dossier. Une fois rempli, vous devrez le renvoyer par email ou par courrier aux adresses inscrites à la fin du dossier. Attention : pensez à joindre les justificatifs demandés (justification d’enregistrement de votre structure, justificatif de compte bancaire au nom de votre structure, 2 factures proforma (de deux fournisseurs différents) par achat prévu.

L’équipe du charity Committee

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DWG is run by an all-volunteer Executive Committee which oversees social and fundraising events. The money we raise, funds projects around Dakar, that are approved by our charity committee.

Women working part- or full-time or those who may not be able to participate in DWG day time events and meetings can still join the DWG and participate in the sub-group Dakar Working Women’s Group (DWWG). The DWWG comes together for meetings and social events during the evenings. You can join the DWWG and attend those events regardless of your work status. All DWG and DWWG members are always welcome at each others’ events.

Existing and new members welcome! If you are a new or returning member please register online for the new club year and you can pay your annual membership fee of FCFA 25,000 at our next event.

For further information please contact DWG membership coordinators dwgmembership@gmail.com 

Membership in DWG gives you the chance to meet new people, socialize, share hobbies, work together and learn more about Senegal through the Charity Committee work or visits and lectures organized throughout the year. Join us to meet the lively, interesting and friendly women who make up the DWG.