Today the DWG played host to the wonderful Students and teachers from Centre Aminata Mbaye, (the very same place where our Christmas Bazar was held) 45 students and 22 teachers were taken to the Musee Senghor.

Mr Sarr who was the personal bodyguard of President Senghor was the tour guide, Mr Sarr, loves to tell stories about all the rooms in the house, and the children were fascinated, Madam Senghor’s bedroom’s with its beautiful handpainted wallpaper was a favorite as was the story of how the President fed the birds from his window, the children were so well behaved, they loved every room and as Cornelia Hagenah mentioned she was so proud that DWG was able to provide this visit for the students.

Do you know of another school who might like to visit? DWG has more tickets and might even be able to help with transport, the opportunity to visit this amazing home of the former President is such a delight and we’d love to hear from anyone who might have another group in mind, send Cornelia Hagenah a message if you do.

Also if you haven’t visited personally its well worth the time, and the house (sadly not able to be photographed) is AMAZING!!
Thank you Asedeme your students were amazing! A pleasure to see their happiness!

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