The Dakar Women’s Group (DWG) is open to all women living in Dakar and speaking a minimum of English. We pride ourselves on the many cultures that find a home in DWG – we have members from more than 50 countries, including our home country Senegal.

DWG started in 1987 as an informal group of English-speaking women getting together to socialize, support each other and to make a difference in their adopted home of Senegal. Over the years, we have grown to a group of more than 330 women (in 2017), representing more than 69 countries. We hold monthly meetings, schedule informal coffees, hold clubs and classes for our members, and raise money for our charity projects through community-wide events.

In recent years, we’ve raised over 20 million CFA per year to distribute in the local community, to groups of women working cooperatively for their financial betterment, to schools, organizations for the handicapped, and shelters that house and educate young boys or abused women.

Our diversity is one of our strengths

Each member brings her own unique qualities to DWG. Our diversity is one of our strengths. Through our meetings and fundraisers, women come together to realize common goals, and share friendships, talents, and experiences. Whether this is your first time abroad or your 15th posting, DWG can be a meaningful part of your life in Dakar.

Dakar Working Women’s Group

For women who are unable to attend our morning meetings, we also have Dakar Working Women’s Group, which meets regularly in the evenings. DWG is the umbrella organization of DWWG. Membership in one is the same as membership in the other – only the meeting times are different. Any DWG member can also attend DWWG meetings, and the reverse is true as well.

DWG is a registered charitable organization, run by an executive committee of unpaid volunteers. It is open to any woman living in or near Dakar. We are an English-speaking group. We have many members for whom English is not the first language, but our meetings are conducted in English.

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