President’s letter

Dear members,

We are pleased to welcome you all for the 2015/16 club year. This is an exceptional year for us as the Executive committee (Excomm) as we have decided to work differently from previous years. As a result, the structure of the Dakar Women’s Group has been modified. There is not a specific leader in the role of a President. In the spirit of teamwork, we have opted for co-chairing, which we believe will be both more practical and functional.

We are four co-chairs for the DWG this club year: Pascale Dauguet Neerohoo (DWG), Darya Le Pelletier De Woillemont (DWG), Fatou Jobe (DWG) and Rokhaya Solange Mbengue (DWWG).

It is important to note that the Dakar Women’s Group and the Dakar Working Women’s Groups are all members of DWG organization. The idea is to amalgamate, as much as possible, the two ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ groups so in the end we act as one. For example, those who have registered for DWG can attend and participate in DWWG meetings and events. And the same goes for DWWG members.

DWG’s priority remains its charitable activities to benefit our community. Our aim is to be as dynamic and motivated as our predecessors and honour DWG’s concept in contributing and making a difference in our host country. We must not forget all the support behind the DWG organization, such as the sponsors who share our goals. They have collaborated closely with us and we are so grateful to all of them for the spectacular results and their trust in us.

Another aspect that we want to focus on this year is the social side of our group. We are a big community full of cultural diversity. We should each and every one benefit from all of us. For that reason, we plan to have more social activities together. Please note that while we do have a scheduled program of activities for the year, any proposal from our members will be considered. We are open to suggestions and new members are most welcome to join us throughout the year.

Members, we hope that each of you feel a part, share an interest, and have a willingness to participate with us this year as we come together as the Dakar Women’s Group.

We wish all of you the very best for the year.

Darya Le Pelletier De Woillemont
Fatou Jobe
Pascale Dauguet Neerohoo
Rokhaya Solange Mbengue