Environmental Awareness is our newest committee, added just this year, in response to the desire of our members to clean up our surroundings, reduce our environmental footprint, and create an awareness among local communities of a move towards a cleaner Senegal.


One Thought to “Environmental Awareness Committee”

  1. Stephanie

    Dear Dakar Women’s Group,
    This is to wish you a great success on your Eco Citizen’s Festival! We are sorry that we will not be able to participate this year because we are in the middle of planning our annual Walkathon and Project Fair where our students’ service projects concerning the environment and other community issues will be on display. This event is on May 9th and many of the projects that we wanted to exhibit during your Festival will not be ready for display until then.
    We congratulate you on the initiative and will encourage our staff and students to visit.
    Hopefully, next year we will be able to join you!
    Stephanie Kane, Director

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