Applications are now open for our 2017/2018 charitable grants.

  1. Please check that your organisation is eligible for funding.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and consider attaching the required supporting documents when submitting your application. If you are having difficulty completing the form, please email us at We will then ask our members a volunteer to assist you, if possible.
  3. Complete our application form >> Charity application form 2017

Thank you for your interest in the Dakar Women’s Group. The DWG Charity Committee’s mission is to manage resources allocated by the Dakar Women’s

École Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy, who received funding this past year (2016/2017) in order to rebuild and refurbish their school.
École Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy, who received funding this past year (2016/2017) in order to rebuild and refurbish their school.

Group (DWG) Executive Committee as well as resources provided by donors, for charitable activities targeting the socially and economically disadvantaged, especially women and children in the Dakar area. The Charity Committee disburses several million CFA a year to non-governmental organizations and associations who meet the Charity Committee’s mission and guidelines requirements. The Charity Committee screens applications, visits projects, delivers money and other donations, and follows up on project activities.


If you know of or are part of a group seeking funding for 2017/2018, please read the following paragraphs prior to filling out the application form (see below).

For any questions, please contact Charity Committee:


Who are Eligible and non-Eligible applicants?

Eligible applicants

DWG CC supports two main categories of projects:

  • Projects with a social mission such as schools, health centers, orphanages training centers etc.
  • Economic projects such as associations producing and selling goods and/or services.
  • Projects outside of the Dakar region will be considered in some cases.

Non-Eligible applicants:

  • Individuals are not eligible to apply for DWG grants.

What are Eligible and Non-Eligible Expenditures?

Eligible expenditure:

  • Physical capital expenditure such as tables, benches, desks, bookcases, beds, closets, refrigerators, stoves, sewing machines, computers, building new structures or refurbishing old ones (including raw material and labor).
  • Human capital expenditure such as training workshops (including instructor fees, transportation and accommodation for the trainees), workshops to create associations, etc.
  • For projects with a social mission, operation and maintenance costs (O&M) are eligible for funding. However, priority will be given to capital expenditures within the same project. Such O&M costs include hygiene products, school supplies (such as textbooks for academic schools and sewing materials for training centers), etc.
  • For economic projects, working capital expenditures such as cloth for a sewing business, raw materials for making goods etc. are eligible on a one-off basis under some conditions.

Non-eligible expenditures:

  • Wages and Salaries for the staff of the beneficiary organization;
  • Rental of premises and utilities;
  • Any expenses that cannot be documented;
  • Prizes for competitions (monetary or otherwise);
  • Bibles, Korans, or any other type of religious materials;
  • Religious instruction;
  • School fees/Scholarships;
  • Capital for micro-credit schemes.

What is the funding ceiling?

  • Maximum amount allowed is CFA 1.5 million. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis based on the projects merits.

What is the calendar?

  • Applications have to be received by 15 October 2017 by email or by mail. At the end of the selection process, approved projects should expect to receive funding by February/March 2018.

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